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Sandwitch Leather: Site design/build on Editor X

Check out this badass, super interactive site we built for Kindra Adair, Founder of Portland-based Sandwitch Leather. Kindra creates detailed and beautifully tooled leather accessories for motorcycle 🏍️ enthusiasts and leather lovers of all kinds.

Setting the Mood with Attitude:

We love diving into our client's worlds, and there's no better example of this intimate exploration than the mood-boarding process.

At Bizi Creative, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our clients, presenting them with unique visual concepts that address their goals & also push them outside their comfort zones.

Take a peek at the three mood boards we created for Sandwitch Leather, and then head to to see how the boards influence the final design.

Project Highlights:

Site Design & Build on Editor X

Experience the dynamic movement of sites built with Editor X by visiting

Hover to Discover

The Sandwitch Leather website features fun hover interactions like color reveals, information reveals, and other whimsical text changes. Check out her lifestyle gallery to see some of our favorites in action.

Custom Composite Artwork

We are big on storytelling at Bizi Creative, and creating custom composite artwork for our clients is a fun and effective way to explore the nuances of a particular product, craft, or service. We created several composite pieces for Kindra's site using photos of Kindra's leather tooling combined with imagery from the open road.

Hide & Seek

We planted five magic elements throughout the Sandwich Leather website. See if you can find them ... and if you do, we suggest you follow their lead 🎱.

Learn more about Kindra and her leather tooling process by visiting today ... and stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the Sandwitch Leather e-commerce store 🛍.


Project Testimonial
"What a fantastic experience! These two went above and beyond to create a truly exceptional experience; not only when it came to working with them, but also with the end product. I love it all! it looks sooooooo amazing! Thank you guys so much!" - Kindra Adair | Founder at Sandwitch Leather

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