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Above the Fold: Capturing the Editorial Essence of Wader Girl


Client: Lauren Wade

Business Name: Wader Girl

Projects: Site Design + Build on Editor X, Visual Identity

Lauren Wade is the visionary behind Wader Girl, a photography and production powerhouse based in Los Angeles, CA. Tasked with the privilege of revitalizing her brand's visual essence, we embarked on a journey to craft a digital presence that showcases her expansive portfolio and encapsulates her distinctive narrative style and profound empathy for the human experience.

Editorial Aesthetic: To showcase the diversity of Lauren's work and her editorial focus, we embraced a contemporary interpretation of "Editorial" as something beyond the ordinary—crafted outside the box, elevated, and designed to inspire.

Dynamic Movement on EditorX: Leveraging the capabilities of EditorX, we developed a website that features dynamic movement and creates a visually engaging experience that enhances the storytelling aspect of Lauren's work. The layout is primarily off-the-grid, with generous negative space, ensuring Lauren's photographs shine. 

Palette and Gradients: To mirror Lauren's work and personal style, we selected a color palette that blends the retro and the contemporary. The palette includes burnt orange, lavender, two tones of teal, and almost black. We also used her color palette to create some grainy gradients, adding a layer of grit and texture while breaking up the largely clean, minimalist backdrop. 

Typography and Layouts: To blend the words of print and digital and to reinforce the editorial-focused design, we landed on serifed fonts, Editorial New and Playfair, for branded elements and headers and paired them with Degular, an ultra-modern sans-serif font.

Freeform and Gridded Gallery Layouts: We fused freeform layouts and gridded gallery arrangements to deliver a dynamic visual experience. This design choice allows for more intimate interactions with select images while maintaining a clean and organized viewing of Lauren's eclectic portfolio. 

Movement and Animation: We incorporated movement via short looping videos and animated photo reveals to engage visitors with immersive and interactive experiences as they journey through the world of Wader Girl.

Wader Girl's renewed online presence is much more than a photography portfolio. It showcases the exceptional artistry and versatility of a highly talented, creative professional. The result is a visually stunning journey through Wader Girl's work, filled with heartwarming stories of unexpected encounters and personal moments that walk the line between coolness and warmth that Wader Girl captures so well.


“I cannot recommend Bizi Creative enough! They are truly the dream team! I came to them with cobbled ideas of what my website and portfolio could look like, and they worked with me to create one of the most beautiful portfolio sites I've ever seen! They really listen and are extremely professional, thoughtful, and solution-oriented. How often does it happen that you're sad to finish a project you're paying a company for because you just love seeing and talking to them so much? It's never happened to me before working with Bizi. They're the real deal. Solid gold across the board.” - Lauren Wade

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